G A D E R W I S T .

I'm twenty-four

Gaderwist: companionship, intercourse, dwelling together


I am genderfluid.

One day a woman, the next a man. I can’t stay on either side, always thinking one’s greener.

It’s hard to be this way.

I think I would be more comfortable going by another name but I don’t think it will be an easy task. For family for friends for my partner.

Coming out is hard.

Took the words right out of my mouth. o:   

Thank you for bringing to my attention that I don’t dress enough like a “boy” to be gender fluid.


Bae: Come over I’m horny ;)

Me: I can’t I’m murdering two teeange lovers in a clown suit

Bae: My parents are out



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Could you give us some of your political beliefs?

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*jokes about making out with you until it actually happens*

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Call me yours. I don’t want to be anyone else’s